Scottish chain 25 mm gold

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Scottish Chain 25 MM Gold. It is a very elegant ribbon, with classic colors, suitable in particular for refined events but in nature, in the countryside, in the house or restaurant in the middle of greenery. The tape takes you back to the Scottish Highlands, to the country parties of local gentlemen, the green lawns, the evenings in the manor house when you celebrate Christmas in kilts. A good whisky, a good beer and the table dressed with these ribbons. In the lame version it is party, in the normal version it is friendship, family, warmth of the fireplace fire or stove.. Color Code# 102 - PACKED IN 20 METER COIL

All the Furlanis ribbons are designed and manufactured within the Cavaglià plant in Biella.
They are carefully woven ribbons made with the lowest possible environmental impact, thanks to the use of technologically advanced machines and the deep love for the territory that hosts us.

We care about what we produce, how we do it and deliver it.
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