Laboratory and Innovation

There are real people behind every Furlanis product.
Much of the work is manual or must be done under human supervision, for a perfect mix of man and machine.

The human element preserves the attention to detail typical of traditional Italian craftsmanship, while the machines are able to replicate this process to allow us to sell 1 million metres of tape every week.

The result? Products of the highest quality 100% Made in Italy.

But in Furlanis we are always ready to welcome innovation and change, and it is thanks to change that we have been able to maintain a leadership position on the market for so many years.

Born as a manufacturer of curtain tapes, we have evolved to be able to offer all-round services and now we are able to manage within our factory design, production and coloring.
To do this, we have invested in new and technologically advanced machinery, as well as in employees and their ideas.