Curtain Tape Continuous Pocket 2 Strings 40mm

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The curtain tapes are the ideal and fundamental accessory to give a particular touch to each type of tent, for this reason it is crucial to choose the right ribbon. There are plenty of models on the market, all with the same function and the same method of application but each suitable for making a different type of curling. The most common curtain tape features pockets for curtain rings and ropes to curl up in an automatic and regular manner, moreover it is possible to insert the rings into pockets in multiple positions. It is a polyester ribbon, presenting itself as a ribbon  with pockets where to insert the proboscis rings and has two wires to be pulled for curling. Easy to sew, perfect for creating design curtains in every home environment, you can use on all kinds of light, medium, and heavy fabric. To obtain the curling on the curtain  it is enough to stall and sew the ribbon on the high edge of the curtain, the ratio from lying to curl is 2:1, two metres of curtain lying cover a metre of window after curling. This measure is indicative in that the more the wires are pulled, the greater the curling obtained. The ribbon is packed in 50-meter-long rolls, of easy use because well resined and rigid, you can wash in washing machine at 40 degrees centigrade (40 °C) and iron without problems. It remains unaffected over time. It is available in the white or transparent version (for lighter curtains such as organza) and two, three or four strings (for heavier curtains) in heights from 30mm to 170mm. This is the 50mm high white version. 

All the Furlanis ribbons are designed and manufactured within the Cavaglià plant in Biella.
They are carefully woven ribbons made with the lowest possible environmental impact, thanks to the use of technologically advanced machines and the deep love for the territory that hosts us.

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